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The Network Installation and Maintenance Roadshow   

Cloud, Internet of Things, Machine to Machine, Autonomous Vehicle, 5G…the topology and the technologies implemented in the Telecom Infrastructure are changing quickly and significantly, bringing new testing challenges to the deployment, the optimization and the maintenance of the Networks.
Anritsu, your historical partner for Network Installation and Maintenance, is inviting you to a day seminar to better Understand the Testing Challenges you’ll face and also to Discover the best approach to develop your Efficiency and your Competitiveness in this new environment.

What you will learn...

Four presentations will cover the following areas giving you the very latest information regarding the future of the Network, the demands it will face and the testing required to meet and exceeds these coming challenges.

Future technologies of telecom network architecture
  • Telecom architectures, SDN/NFV architectures, Mobile Edge Computing, and 5G network slicing.
  • Mobile network evolution, Access Network and fronthaul, Core Network and backhaul.
  • The move away from copper, expansion of fibre deployment and wireless links.
  • RF site deployments, fibre to RF units, DAS and CRAN concepts.
  • RF Line sweep, cable installation, and feeders.
  • Cloud based tools and measurement methods.
CPRI & RF over CPRI measurements
  • Review of CPRI basic technology, architecture, and key specifications.
  • Features of CPRI protocol stack, and role of the vendor specific parts.
  • CPRI typical deployments (DAS, RRH, BBU, etc)
  • CPRI measurements for installation and maintenance of links.
  • RF over CPRI measurements, what they are, how to make them, and what information is available.
OTN & Transport Network measurements
  • Evolution of transport networks, data rates, protocols, and routing mechanisms. Core and Metro network trends.
  • Evolution of OTN test needs, and testing of Ethernet links at 100GbE and beyond.
  • Mobile fronthaul/backhaul evolution, CRAN deployment with WDM rings, and PTP timing sync.
  • Mobile fronthaul fibre testing and OTDR measurements
RF Interference Hunting and Over the Air measurements
  • Changes in RF spectrum that drive the need for more interference hunting, e.g. broadband wireless (LTE), millimetre wave, and 5G transmissions.
  • Sources and types of interference, and how they affect different telecom links.
  • Measurement tools to identify and locate RF interference. Remote spectrum monitoring, drive test/survey, and hand-held tools.
  • Hints and tips from practical field work.
Dates and Locations

United Kingdom - 17th and 19th Jan - Register

Ireland - 25th Jan - Register

Coming Soon

Sweden - 31st Jan and 2nd Feb - Register  

Netherlands - 21st Feb - Register

Belgium - 23rd Feb - Register

Germany - 14th, 16th, 28th Feb & 2nd Mar - Register