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Spectrum Analyzer Roadshow   

Wireless technology is rapidly changing and you need to stay ahead of the game!

Anritsu invites you to a complimentary one-day workshop about solving wireless testing challenges using Spectrum Analyzers.

You will learn more about

Harmonic versus Fundamental mixer approach

Fundamental Mixers for Spectrum Analyzers, key features and techniques for high performance mmW measurements using external mixers. The differences between fundamental mode and harmonic mode mixers as a spectrum analyzer down-converter will be discussed, the differences in both cost and performance, and the implementation of each. Examples of unique measurements achievable with fundamental mode mixers will then be shown and discussed.

High-Accuracy level measurement

Importance of amplitude level flatness in wideband Signal Analyzer measurements, and key architecture to achieve high level performance. Amplitude flatness is a key parameter when measuring wide band modulation systems such as OFDMA. With new requirements for 5G signals up to 1 GHz bandwidth, we will look at the requirements and performance issues for amplitude flatness, and the solutions/techniques available to achieve maximum measurement performance.

RF demodulation of the new standards (5GNR)

The requirements and implementation of 3GPP 5GNR RF measurements will be reviewed and discussed, with examples of different RF parametric measurements explained.

Swept versus FFT versus Real-Time approach

Differences in Spectrum Analyzer architectures vary between Swept/FFT/RTSA. This session will explain the key differences/similarities between different Spectrum Analyzer modes, review the applications for each mode, and key parameters relevant to analyzer performance.

Research towards 5G: 28GHz channel sounder & OTA MMW measurement solutions

The detailed design and implementation of a simple channel sounding/measurement system using a standard Vector Signal Analyzer will be presented and results shown and discussed. Overall issues and requirements for implementing such a system into a Vector Signal Analyzer solution are discussed.

OTA (Over-the-Air) and Field Test measurements in mmW bands, and innovative drone-based measurement solution. The requirements for mmW field trials and interference monitoring systems will be reviewed, looking at Over the Air mmW measurements. An innovative drone-based solution for field trials, and RF monitoring, will be presented and the implementation detailed discussed and explained.

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